Key Data Management Use Cases for a Fast-Paced DevOps World

Applications built on Kubernetes use a completely different architecture. IT and DevOps professionals must rely on new solutions to solve important challenges such as text/dev management, application mobility, ransomware and disaster recovery.

In the new Cloud-Native landscape these challenges can be extremely cumbersome, time-intensive and, at times, detrimental to an organization if not managed properly from day 0 through day 2. 

Join Trilio to learn how Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers and SREs can address the following application challenges during their Kubernetes journey:

Day 0 (Dev) - Test with the most recent copy of production data in Kubernetes test environments, running the same or different cloud environments. 

Day 1 (Dev/SRE) - Capture the current production landscape before deploying new code to production.

Day 2 (SRE) - Recover and migrate entire applications and workloads to newer environments across cloud infrastructure.

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