Mitigate DevOps Risks by Detecting Security Flaws as They Arise

Through this report, you’ll see how Next-Generation SAST and Intelligent SCA increase the speed of vulnerability scans and narrow the scope of work by highlighting treatable issues. This leads to better outcomes: more frequent scans, fixes earlier in the CI/CD pipeline, and more security fixes overall.

As companies look toward their next digital transformation via DevOps, they must also think of what their AppSec transformation will look like. Leading organizations are finding issues earlier in the code development process –shifting left, as it were –to reduce costs and heighten security prior to release. In the end, the most proven strategy for remediation is a healthy working relationship between AppSec and DevOps. A security tool can contribute, by providing developers with context and education around the issue.

For a more detailed analysis of the link between scanning frequency and security fixes, download our research paper “AppSec Shift Left Progress Report.”

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