Multi-touch Attribution & Measuring Your Marketing Halo

Over decades of evolution, companies have developed multiple sales and marketing channels and have placed high importance on measuring each channel’s ROI. But, ROI-tunnel vision has led companies to focus their efforts on channels that are more easily measured, while channels with harder-to-measure success dwindle.

With over 25 years of supporting clients in improving their marketing methods and strategies, we’ve identified a simplified approach to halo analysis—helping to measure the direct and indirect attribution of tactics (multi-touch attribution) in a multichannel marketing strategy.

The following are three areas of focus we recognized as crucial to a successful multichannel halo analysis:

  1. The Data
    Spend time gathering and QAing your data, your entire analysis will rest on this
  2. The Analysis
    Focus on the impact of each channel on every other channel’s directly attributable sales
  3. The Go-Do’s
    Calculate how far from optimal your current mix is

Download the framework for all the details on running a multichannel marketing halo analysis and get our checklist of 9 to-do’s.

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