Powering ABM with AI: Trends and Strategies for B2B Marketers

The marketing landscape is constantly changing as traditional marketing strategies and technologies give way to increasingly innovative and effective ones. This is in part driven by the ever-growing need to target key customers in more efficient, effective, and measurable ways – driving revenue for businesses while decreasing acquisition costs.

That’s why we’re excited to have RollWorks’ (A Division of AdRoll Group) VP of Marketing, Jennifer Toton, sit down with People.ai’s own CMO, Dayle Hall, two experts in ABM and AI respectively, to discuss current and emerging trends and strategies B2B marketers will implement in 2019.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How quality data will play an essential role in a successful B2B marketing strategy
  • Specific ways marketers are leveraging AI to enhance their ABM strategies
  • How privacy regulations will affect customer relationships and marketers’ efforts
  • Why and how marketers are moving beyond last-click measurement
  • Why you should be less focused on transactions and more on customer lifetime value
  • Why marketers are moving to platforms over single point solutions
  • And much more!

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