Removing Hiring Bias from the HR Recruitment Process

Becoming an exceptional Talent Manager requires a certain skill set and a wide range of capabilities. A key element to an HR Manager’s job is to identify talented people, evaluate whether they are right for the company, and organize trainings. They also need to coordinate employee incentive programs, know and implement all the labor laws, and manage employees’ feedback and well-being. As far as characteristics every HR manager possesses – they should include a love for people and helping others. Besides these essential characteristics there are some secrets to standing out as an exceptional HR manager!

HR and Talent Managers must have fantastic people skills and he or she needs to possess an open communication style. So, a high level of interpersonal skills is implied for this position. Another quality an HR manager needs to possess is the ability to solve any arising problem quickly and efficiently. Multitasking is becoming essential in many areas of our life, and it is key to being a great HR manager. A skillful HR manager is also a strong leader. What distinguishes an exceptional HR Manager from a good one is the ability to remove hiring bias in the recruitment process.

Practice your people skills

Let’s start with the most basic implied skills – people skills. Working with people is challenging. To exceed in the role of an HR manager you need to be able to communicate effectively with all different kinds of people. The bigger the company you work for, the more diverse personalities you’re bound to encounter. Quickly evaluating a situation to communicate with all personality types in a professional way is imperative. Different personalities require different approaches. Being aware of this and practicing your people skills is a sure way to succeed. You can learn all about these in courses and tutorials online and practice communication styles with family and friends.

Be open in communication

A successful HR manager must also be a skillful communicator. They should always be open in communication and reiterate truthfully how things are. To connect to the previously mentioned people skills – you’ll communicate this truth differently to different people. Constantly telling white lies or avoiding certain topics, is a sure way to escalate problems. And you don’t want that because then things will get ugly.

It’s not easy giving bad news, but whatever the news is, you should always respect your employees. They will surely appreciate your honesty. On the other hand, if you have problems with communicating openly, you can get professional help from Aladdin Life Coaching, or similar coaching agencies. They can help you improve your skills by identifying potential issues to overcome them.

Master problem-solving skills

When it comes to an HR manager’s position, there are always delicate issues to be solved. Each problem has multiple resolutions but a key skill HR managers need is to be able to quickly identify the problem and find the optimal solution. But that’s not it. You also need to list the pros and cons of each alternative and opt for the perfect solution. On top of everything – you need to be quick about it because your decision affects a many people.

Learn to multitask

Today’s modern world revolves around multitasking and successful people know how to multitask efficiently. Mastering this skill as soon as possible is going to help you feel more relaxed when you’re in a hustle. HR managers often multitask with phone calls, answering emails, talking to colleagues, preparing for meetings, and so on. Of course, there are some tasks that are priorities and require one’s full attention. But being organized and making the most out of your time so you’re not feeling overwhelmed is key to being an exceptional HR Manager.

Be a strong leader

Finally, an HR manager is the leader of the team, so leadership skills are a necessity. Not only are you leading your team, but you have a responsibility to your whole organization. HR managers are the voice of the leadership team to the employees and the employees voice to leadership.

These are just some of the secrets to being an exceptional HR Manager. There are others such as being empathetic, ethical, and a strategic thinker. Start with these basic skills and slowly upgrade your repertoire to be outstanding in your career.

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