Solving Delivery Problems with Last Mile Delivery Software for Logistics Companies

In today’s technological era, every industry is looking for the best technical solution for their needs. The same applies to logistics industries. For this reason, the demand for last mile delivery software is high.

What is the last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is the process through which goods are transferred from the warehouse to their destination smoothly. The main purpose of the last mile is to deliver the item as fast as possible to the end-user, avoiding any kind of delay.

In today’s fast paced world, customers expect same day delivery and it is the biggest challenge for every logistic company. However, there are many challenges involved in the last mile scenario including cost, organizational strain, and service impact. In this blog, we’ll address these problems and their potential solutions.

To understand last mile delivery and all the aspects related to it like the challenges, features, and benefits in a better way, we have created a step by step illustration that will help you to visualize the last mile delivery operation more easily.


Common problems associated with the last mile

Every e-commerce company has to face challenges. It’s a constant struggle to stay competitive. The basic problems are on-time delivery, tracking of the right route, and delivering the right product.  Let’s go into some of these challenges in more detail.

Address issue

One of the most common problems is the misspelled address. A single word can have a negative impact on processing. Whenever the address is wrong, products do not reach the right destination and delivery fails. This results in negative customer experiences leading to the potential for bad reviews from consumers.

Poor Infrastructure

In most of the cases, the infrastructure in the developing countries is not up to par. The inefficient routes, transportation technology, and poor traffic management are cause significant issues.  This is particularly true in remote areas that remain untouched by technology and modern infrastructure.

Route Changes

Based on the condition, the route may be changed, and this impacts delivery. Changing routes limits the scope of last-mile delivery system. Weather conditions and construction are some of the factors which affect the overall scenario.

Customer Availability

Suppose the product is out for delivery and has reached the destination but didn’t get to the right customer or the third person who could accept it. Unavailability of the customer can result in delivery delays which also can result in a negative customer experience.

The role of technology to improve the last mile logistics

Technology has had positive impact on the e-commerce profession. There are multiple software programs and apps made for e-commerce industries that help to eliminate a lot of the common issues addressed above. Real time delivery tracking software is beneficial for industries and consumers as well.

Solving the last mile delivery challenge

Meeting Customer Expectations

For any logistics company, transparency is important for consumers. Setting and meeting expectations makes for satisfied customers.  Using the right delivery tracking management software helps to improve service and keep customers happy.

Communication with the Customer

Keeping the customer updated with push notification is another solution. Sending notification at the time dispatch, during transmission and at delivery builds trust and improves customer relationships.

Good Optimization Technique

Tracing the best route is important for any logistics company to make sure the desired product reaches its destination on time. Inefficient routes will cause delays delivery resulting in a negative impact on the customer. Using route optimization software helps ensure the driver is taking the right route which minimizes delivery time, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers delivery cost.

Real-time Visibility

Using real-time tracking technologies also reduces problems associated with last mile delivery. Real time delivery tracking apps track the status of the driver and the product. The end user can also connect to the app, increasing visibility and building trust.

Customer Notification

Having a notification system in place that will alert customers about deliveries in advance of their arrival also helps to minimize customer unavailability issues. There are many last mile delivery logistics solutions which support this kind of approach. When the customer gets information like delivery date and time, they are less likely to miss a delivery.

Providing Lockers

Logistics industries have also started providing lockers for offsite delivery. Lockers can be located at easily accessible places like the post office or shopping centers.  Companies then allow access to the locker with a bar code, order number, or key. This delivery method is not only secure, it is much more flexible for the customer because they can pick up their product at their convenience.


It is imperative for any company to keep their customers happy.  Providing a seamless delivery experience is one way to accomplish that.  By utilizing last mile delivery software solutions, companies can minimize delivery problems and maintain visibility throughout the delivery process.

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Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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