The Family Office Playbook for Evaluating New Technology

Clients today are demanding more: more value, more information, more support and more ease of interaction. With the Great Wealth Transfer underway, as much as $68 trillion is being passed from Baby Boomers to Generation X and Millennials; and these younger generations expect a digital-first approach from their family office. Also, due to the pandemic, many tried-and-true aspects of wealth management such as in-person meetings have become obsolete—all of which is accelerating the trend towards digital transformation.

The good news is that advances in fintech have opened up exciting new digital capabilities for core family office responsibilities like financial planning, risk management, reporting, operations, ESG monitoring and bill pay. The challenge is that, up until now, many family offices have been slow to adapt and adopt. Download this playbook for what to consider when thinking about adopting a more digital-first approach, including:

4 important technology trends that can have a great impact on the family office 

  • Why digitization doesn’t always help your clients and how to ensure it does
  • 6 criteria for evaluating new technologies
  • A checklist for making technology decisions for your firm

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