The Secret to Fixing The Great Resignation

Coming to grips with that reality ushered in the demand to spend our lives focused on what ma9ers to us the most. Since much of our waking hours are spent on work, aligning personal and workplace values is no longer optional.

The pandemic has revealed some essen1al truths about whether people in leadership posi1ons lead with their head, or also authen1cally with their heart. The word “crisis” is an excuse being used to throw out the window good communica1on and leadership styles in favor of forced top-down decisions.

As a result, people at large are fed up with being forced to do things that don’t align with their personal values. People are rising in discontent and vo1ng with their feet. 4.3 million resigna1ons in August are the start of a very painful journey for workplaces across the na1on. Top-down, command and control, and leadership-by-lip service is about to pay the piper through a lack of workforce.

The 1me is now to sincerely reassess organiza1onal leadership and values in earnest. Is your leadership style and organiza1onal culture a true “people first,” also known as human centric? People first is not just a buzz word but a demand. If you want people to produce goods and services then pay aJen1on… people must come first over poli1cs, profits, and pet projects.

If you haven’t yet, start this journey now before it’s too late and there is no one left to help you run your business.

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