Time is Money: Speed Up Your Procurement Contract Cycles with Electronic Signatures

For procurement, time really is money. Any hiccup in the supply chain has the potential to cause major delays that can negatively affect necessary support, service level agreements, material flows, and even result in penalties for time-sensitive contracts. To alleviate this, leading organizations are trying to capture as much information as possible electronically to help reduce the risk of inaccurate data as well as lost time on approvals, decisions, and time to onboard suppliers, vendors and customers. Any piece of the process that can be streamlined, from order entry to customer shipments, means an improved bottom line.

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • How leading organizations leverage technologies like electronic signatures to get business done faster
  • How to use digital procurement solutions to reduce the risk of mismanaged documents, delayed shipments and inaccuracies in reporting
  • The benefits of automating parts of the supply chain distribution flow to reduce manual requirements for procurement initiatives

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