Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales & Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing is the buzzword of the decade. Only the truly discerning marketing professionals understand that it is much beyond having Facebook page or Twitter account for your brand. Actually the heart of any digital marketing strategy is the website. A great website can be used effectively in any digital marketing plan.

When developed and executed well, Digital Marketing is a powerful driver for brand sales.  We have compiled some key digital marketing strategies that are known to be effective for generating sales.


Make your website a sales channel

It is as simple as adding a payment gateway to your website. Make it easily browsable for those looking to buy. Add a secure and popular gateway. Make it easy for brand loyalists to buy off of your website. Don’t forget to promote your new retail channel once it is up and running!


Use your blog as primary marketing tool

Your website needs a blog. Blog is the easy vehicle for content that will be voraciously consumed by your target audience. Blog posts find their way easily into expert forums as well as social media conversations. They can be used to reach new audiences as well as engage with existing audience.

Remember that all the action is in the Comments section. Be sure to engage with your readers in the Comments and you will find your blog based reach growing considerably.

A well-read, frequented and commented upon blog is usually bumped by Google organically in its search results. The blog thus is one cornerstone of the SEO strategy as well.


Acquire subscribers to translate to brand loyalists at a later stage

Curating your own blog posts from a perspective of topical or current relevance can help you turn them into email newsletter content. Make sure you have a form on your blog or website social media landing page that can capture the subscribers’ email information. You can provide content giveaways, schedule free sampling exercises in line with the periodic newsletter delivery. Regular engagement with your subscriber base will reap rewards in the form of higher brand loyalty scores.


Use Social Media to Amplify and Connect

Many rookie digital marketers try to grow reach via social media. While this kind of organic reach is indeed possible, the new audiences gained via social media typically have a fleeting relationship with your brand. Use Social Media to amplify your blog and connect with your loyal audiences. Every blog post (on your own blog as well as guest posts) should be promoted on your social media.

Promote your newsletter by announcing giveaways on social media. This will publicize and build audiences for you blog. This kind of audience building ensures brand loyalty in the long run.


Make your website do triple duty

Your digital marketing strategy should be to make your website do the work of 3 departments. The website should be an information hub, customer service department and a sales channel at the same time.

The website should carry all possible information about your brand, categorized into easily understandable heads.

Customers need quick resolution and may need at any time of the day (or night!).  There are digital Chat assistant software solutions available that are perfectly customizable and easily integrated with your website. This is an inexpensive yet great way to provide round the clock customer service.

Adding a payment gateway on top of this quickly adds sales capabilities to your website.

No single employee or department can do the triple-duty that a well-designed, well-equipped website can.


Wrap Up

Each of these 5 Digital Marketing Strategies are focused on building inherent strength of digital assets for the brand and not necessarily advertising. These are powerful ways to drive sales and need to be executed with great clarity of thought and precision.


Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a freelance digital content writer. She’s a frequent contributor to EMailMeForm. With over 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing and sales experience, she loves to share her knowledge via blogging. When she’s not at her desk writing about marketing, she’s an enthusiastic (but not very skilled) golfer.