Libra Coin – Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Explained in 5 Minutes [Infographic]

Let’s get started with Libra – Facebook’s newly released cryptocurrency. Technology has improved the world around us significantly over the last decade plus… It is easier than ever to send documents, pictures, and 4K videos an instant from one device to another. On top of that, more recent blockchain technologies have allowed us to send digital currencies in the form of “Cryptocoins” as a viable substitute for what these days, is often referred to as “Fiat Money” (the term fiat money is defined as currency that a Government has declared to be legal tender – like the $US Dollar or EURO, for example).

So, what if emerging cryptocurrencies made the transfer of money truly global, stable, and secure? What if everyone was invited to the join the global economy with access to the same financial markets and opportunities?

This train of thought laid the groundwork for the introduction of Libra – a new global currency designed for the digital world and backed by the belief that the transfer of money should be available and fast for everyone, in every corner of the globe. Much like its widely known predecessors – Bitcoin and Ethereum – Libra is powered by blockchain technology, making it safe and accessible to virtually everyone.

Learn more about this emerging cryptocurrency, and join the world of LibraCoin, where money works the same for anyone and everyone. Check out the infographic below – provided by It explains Facebook’s newly released “Libra” cryptocurrency in detail (and in about 5 minutes).