Seven of the Best Free Training Videos That Will Change the Way You Sell

Everyone remembers the iconic scene from the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” where the protagonist begins his sales training seminar by telling the participants, “Sell me this pen!” As he moves from one person to the next to see how they can make a sales pitch for the pen, we see almost everyone mumbling on the qualities of it but not one of them sounds convincing.

Being able to sell something is one of the most complex tasks in the world, especially if you’re selling something that doesn’t interest people right away. You have to get multiple things right like your sales pitch and gauging the level of the potential consumer’s interest.

Selling is an art that might seem difficult to master but some are naturally gifted sellers. Nowadays, you can learn from these experienced sales guys right from your smartphone, whenever you want and wherever you want.

YouTube is filled with sales training videos, but which ones are the best? We did the leg work for you. We waded through hours and hours of sales training content to come up with 7 of the best sales training videos that will help you become a better salesperson.

These videos are all free to watch so in addition to improving your sales skills, you are also saving any money you’d spend on a paid sales trainer or seminar.

Let’s begin:

The Science of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

If your sales job involves engaging people in longer conversations, then this video by Robert Cialdini, who is a professional researcher on the psychology of influence, can work wonders for you.

Robert doesn’t throw random tips and tricks at you as his work is led by scientific research powered by his years spent studying what influences people to say “Yes.”

This video focuses on challenging the notion that consumers make their decisions based on all available data by proposing a new theory where 6 core tenets of influencing people are focused upon. These tenets are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus.

How to Quit Cold Calling & Smart Call Instead – Art Sobczak

Nearly everyone related to the sales industry knows how dreadful cold calling can be. When you call someone randomly just because you have their contact info and pitch them a product they might not need, you know that closing that sale is a long shot.

But does this mean that you should abandon the use of calls as a sales medium? Absolutely not. This amazing video focuses on the idea of “Smart Calls”. In this video, Sobczak discusses how Smart Calls are calls where prospect information on the consumer, their industry, their internal problems and situations is collected before reaching out to them.

This video will really help anyone who is looking to make their calls more effective.

Stop Making Excuses – Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan and his organization, Kurlan and Associates, are the topmost experts in the global corporate world on everything related to sales. Whether it is hiring or assessing and evaluating sales teams, Kurlan and his team will provide you with the best info and methodology.

This short video about making excuses is one of the most powerful sales videos you will ever see. This is not a conventional sales training video like the one that includes some form of product demo videos or explanatory videos.

In it, Kurlan points out about how, until you or your team stop making excuses, nothing is going to change. He promotes the idea of taking responsibility for every outcome and the power of knowing that there is a problem and a need to fix it.

It’s short and very succinct, but it offers incredible value to anyone looking to understand why they are not able to meet sales targets.

Your Price Is Too High – 7 Steps to Defending Price – Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero is a world-renowned sales expert and consultant having helped hundreds of sales teams to become better at the art of selling. His video on the topic of defending your price is invaluable for any sales rep that often gets the cold shoulder when the customers confronts them with “your price is too high.”

Combining different methods like standing your ground, supplying info on the price point of your competitors, and gaining commitment, Pancero’s incredible video will definitely help you to navigate this incredibly tricky situation with tact and strategy.

The 5 Day Sales Challenge – Marc Wayshak

Marc Wayshak is a very popular sales strategist and one of his incredible sales videos on YouTube, the video on the “5 Day Sales Challenge,” is one that struggling salespersons and newbies in the field must watch.

While the title of the video might sound generic, it doesn’t make big promises like making you able to bring in hundreds of sales in just five days. Rather, this video educates you about the how you can gain momentum with your prospects by establishing a connection with them, breaking the ice, and getting a conversation started.

The only downside to the video is that Marc’s tone of delivery is banal. My advice here would be to focus on the content and not on the delivery if you want to gain value out of it.

The 3 Most Important Skills in Sales – Dan Lok

Dan Lok is one of the biggest influencers on social media in the business community. His best video on sales is undoubtedly the one where he reviews the three most important sales skills. In this video, Dan covers the ability to empathize with your consumers, how you shouldn’t sell but diagnose the issues your customers face, and how to handle customer objections.

If you are selling items that are considered “big ticket,” then this video will help you re-envision your current strategy, helping you listen to customers which will enable you to increase close rate.

How to Set Up a Sales Follow Up Call – Annette Lackovic

Annette the person to follow if you need to boost your communication skills. She focuses on improving body language, gestures, postures, and tonality of voice. Her video on the important things to consider when setting up a follow up call is absolutely incredible.

In this video, she talks about how delaying a follow up call works against you and how they need to be scheduled as soon as possible. Another important point discussed is how to lead the conversation so that the potential client actually asks for a follow up call. She wonderfully describes how to command the conversation with an empathetic and persuasive voice.

By far, she is one of the best sales consultants to follow on social media and YouTube. Annette’s videos are an invaluable tool for improving the way you speak and present yourself in sales situations.

Wrapping Up:

These videos will not only make you a better salesperson but also allow educate yourself and gain insights on top strategies to use to become a successful salesperson. And if you still need more, there is a lot of other great sales content out there from top influencers like Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuck that you can also check out.

Author Bio:
Jane Collen is a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. She is an incredibly eager learner and is always excited to write about new and trending topics, and is currently working as a content consultant for Buzzflick, 2D animation company.

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