Yii2 PHP Framework Tutorial: Why Yii is Our Favorite PHP Framework

As most people know these days, PHP framework can be used to develop all kinds of web applications. What PHP offers that other frameworks do not is excellent caching support and component-based architecture for the development of high-end applications. Developers can use these PHP development services to build portals, forums, content management systems, and more.

Yii2 PHP framework / Yii PHP framework is used to develop dynamic web applications quickly. Yii is pronounced Yee, which translates to “simple and evolutionary.” After its release in 2008, Yii PHP framework quickly became popular and the demand for it is still growing. Yii supports fast development and offers designs that are easy to build.

There are a ton of advantages when using Yii and Yii2.  Here are a few examples.


Installation Time

For any business owner, cost matters. Working with Yii eliminates complicated installation processes as well as the complex configuration process which saves time and money. How? The is process easy with the use of extension called Gii. It forms automatic code. With Gii, developers have access to blocks and pieces of code that are frequently used by other developers. These are called snippets. While using this extension, developers can also customize functions like controllers, semi-automatic forms.

This biggest development benefit with Yii is that code doesn’t have to be written manually. Its also beneficial to businesses as well, due to the shorten development time.


Induced Modern Technologies

Yii is based on the OOP framework which gives it the advantage of having static binding, anonymous functions, and SPL classes. All these classes are namespaces, providing the advantage of using PSR-4 compliant autoloader.


Uses MVC Architecture

Yii is even easier to use with MVC architecture. MVC is a software design pattern that is used to develop user interfaces that divide program logic into three elements that are interconnected.

The term MVC stands for:

  • Model- Describes application data
  • View- The representation of data. This is the user interface.
  • Controllers- Outlines the business logic of your app.

The best part of MVC is that each of these components can be edited separately. This is something that any developers love, and it is easy to operate.


More Secured

Security is paramount when developing applications. With Yii you can choose from different security features available with the PHP framework. The PHP framework has an extensive collection of validation features that can be utilized via rules and scenarios which ultimately improve application security.


Fast Development

Yii delivers every essential CRUD operation and therefore, you can get web applications up and running quickly without sacrificing design.



Even though Yii is a flexible framework, it also allows for control requirements. With the rational control over the database changes, the upgrading and/or downgrading of application versions is done in no time, even on different installations.


Additional Features:

  • It performs PHPUnit and Selenium-based functionality and unit testing.
  • The Yii PHP features complex WSDL service specification as well as management of requests for handling for web services.
  • Excellent documentation. There is also a tutorial for every single method that is provided by PHP Yii.
  • With the skinning and theming mechanism, users will be able to switch the look of the Yii-powered website quickly.


About the Author

Tom Hardy is a PHP Web Developer and head of Sparx IT Solutions. He has extensive experience in the industry and manages several teams within his organization. Sparx IT Solutions has an extensive client base that’s been nourished with the work and effort put into different projects. Tom makes sure that every member of his team is updated with the latest knowledge related PHP development. Sparx IT Solutions aim to offer tailor-base PHP development services to their clients.


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